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  • What is Pagans in the Park?
    Pagans in the Park is a day in the local park for memebrs of the pagan community to come together in a low stress, drama free enviornment, to learn, fellowship and enjoy a day together. This really is about meeting, getting to know your neighbors and building community.
  • How much does Pagans in the Park cost?
    There is only a small fee for vending. There is no cost to attend any events sponsored by Pagans in the Park. We encourage you to come, bring a picnic for the day. Enjoy the time together.
  • Who organizes Pagans in the Park?
    A few friends from the local pagan community who met at Bubble, Bubble, Talk and Trouble and suggested something for stress free and fun for the local community to enjoy.
  • I am interested in vending, hosting a workshop, or promoting my local group!"
    Excellent, message us and we will contact you back!
  • I would be interested in volunteering for an event, what can I do?"
    Volunteering is an excellent way to support and get to know your local community. We can always use assitance from set up/ break down, helping facilitate the workshops, annoucements, to ritual work. Message and let us know what you might be interested in doing.
  • Who teaches workshops and classes, how can I teach mine?"
    Our workshops & classes are taught by members of your local pagan community over a number of different topics! It's amazing the knowledge we all have and what we gain by sharing. If you are interested in teaching contact us and we will get you on the schedule.
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